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"Here at JJW Incorporated, we strive to do our very best every day. We are a full service new home construction and excavation company with a long history starting back in the early 1940's. Grandpop White was in the masonry business installing foundations for many builders in the tri-state area. Of course, my father was the helper. As the years passed and the economy grew, my father Joseph Sr. began building homes, then I became the helper. I was 2 years old when I swung my first hammer and only 3 when I got to work with Dad. I remember Poppop starting the nails for me to bang in on the first floor deck of one of the custom homes in Collegeville. It is memories like these I hope I can create by crafting a home just for you. We strive to make every detail exactly the way you want it from the day we clear the lot to the day you move in. My experience is broad and my love for home building is unmatched. So when you're interviewing your builder, ask him/her how far back their building experience goes. We hope to hear from you soon!"


Serving PA, DE, and
the Jersey Shore

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